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A War Waged

Wednesday, 12/25/2250 – By Rebecca Green. 

The wall of silence had been unusually deafening to the man, yet he had been helpless to break it. Adrian wouldn’t blame Rhea if she never wanted to speak to him again.

Little under a week had passed since they had returned from the hospital. Rhea had not spoken a single word, disappearing into her home and he had not seen her since. He worried, even considered going to check on her or even just sending her a text, but each possibility seemed invasive and hopeless. He could only imagine that he was the last person she’d ever want to speak to.

He kept himself busy in the library, reorganizing a couple shelves that had been mixed up after the weeks of students’ usage. However, even the usual comfort that the aged pages provided him morphed into a suffocating cover of dusty tombs and he thought back on more than one occasion. Wondering when his sister had picked such a terrible path- had that been where she disappeared to? He had never looked for her, but something told Adrian that this went much deeper than he knew.

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Happy Christmas to All, and to All A Good Night!

Wednesday, 12/25/2250 – By Rebecca Green.




“Let them have their fun!” Amelia Caverly yelled back at the boy who stood by the tree, standing with both hands out as he tried to prevent Melanie Stark-Beaumont and Spencer Karelam from sneaking around him to grab at the gifts.

“We can be orderly about this!” Svene shrieked back, waving his arms, “It’s Christmas, not a madhouse-”

“Oi! Sharon, this is yours!” Melanie shouted over them, snatching one gift and vaulting it over the pair of seventh years toward the younger second year who jumped on top of the couch to catch it, fumbling it and having to retrieve it from the ground.

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Down the Chimney St. Nicholas Came With a Bound


Wednesday, 12/25/2250 – By Rebecca Green.

Lana smiled widely as she got out of the shower that morning. She’d made sure to get up extra early, and we’re talking four AM kind of early, because she knew even that would be cutting it close with her students. It was Christmas morning and everyone was excited.

At least, that was what she liked to think.

She got out of the shower and was completely ready, fixing her hijab just as she opened the door to the common room. Expecting there to be at least one or two students trying to sneak a peek at the presents – she had of course gotten everyone something – but it turned out to be a bit of a disappointment for her first year with her house. The tree twinkled on, but it had no audience. No matter, Lana could wait for her students to begin to rise.

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In Hopes that St Nicholas Soon Would Be There

Wednesday, 12/25/2250 – By Kayla Salmon.


‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,

In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there;

The children were nestled all snug in their beds;

While visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads;

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Text: Ayato to Cleo

Monday, 12/23/2250

Ayato Caven 11:24 AM: Hey Cleo, are you busy?
Cleo Sommerfield 11:32 AM: Not really, what’s up?
Ayato Caven 11: 35 AM: I just wanted to talk, to apologize
Ayato Caven 11:36 AM: About what happened during the ball. I just don’t want to leave it like we did is all
Cleo Sommerfield 11:42 AM: Okay, I’m sorry too, I shouldn’t have lost my temper.
Ayato Caven 11:44 AM: And I know I can be a jerk. Maybe we don’t work together, but I don’t want there to be bad feelings between us, so I’m sorry, and it wasn’t right of me to blame you, or even to insult your sister.
Cleo Sommerfield 11:46 AM: It’s okay, but yeah, it’s probably best we broke up. I hope you find someone you get on with really well tho
Ayato Caven 11:49: Yeah, same for you. We can still be friends?
Cleo Sommerfield 11:52 AM: Yeah, of course, no hard feelings
Ayato Caven 11:55 AM: Great, that’s forgiving of you, all things considered. So I’ll see you around, then, yeah?
Cleo Sommerfield 11:58 AM: Sure, happy holidays


Technologically Illiterate

Monday, 12/23/2250 – By Kayla Salmon.


After the little run in with Aelita in the University’s garage, Sparky had expected that to be the end of it. Aelita was of a completely different circle than her, class, attitude, and the like. It wasn’t like Aelita wasn’t pleasant to be around, but when one looked at Sparky and then at Aelita, they didn’t appear to be people who would be compatible, and while they did share mutual friends, it didn’t make them very close.

Sparky lived on the campus. She’d been living there since she had been accepted at the beginning of her third year. She didn’t really have a home outside of the Academy. Technically, she did. She had a mother, and a father, but they’d never been close and when she was ten she had run away from home, her family’s home on Atlas, to figure out… well, herself. Even if it did sound a bit corny. She’d lived on the streets in New York, and then in Chicago. She made money by hacking and lived in abandoned hotels and subway stations. Given she didn’t have any evidence of an actual formal education, and she had no musical or artistic talent to audition in on, she wasn’t been able to apply for a scholarship to live at the school. However with the money she saved from hacking she was able to pay the tuition for her first year of school, and from there prove her intelligence and earn a scholarship for her following years. To continue earning money, and keep herself occupied, she continued hacking, but also began working in the garage at the University.

“You’re good with computers, right?” A voice behind her asked and Sparky sat up quickly, turning and looking behind her at Aelita. She blinked up at the girl, the breaks of a car disassembled in her lap.

“Uh… Yeah?” Sparky answered in confusion, her eyes widening as she saw a laptop in the swan’s hands. “What’s up?” She asked, putting the clamps and the brake pads on the ground and pushing herself to her feet.

“So, here’s the thing,” the seventh year said, holding the laptop to her chest, “I spilled some hot chocolate on the keyboard right? Well, in my surprise I jumped up and knocked it off my desk and the screen got cracked-” She was beginning to speak quickly and Sparky blinked as she tried to keep up, “-So I tried to get a wet rag and clean the chocolate off and, well, now it’s not starting up.” She trailed off, holding out the laptop to the nymph. “I have some papers for next semester on it, and my music and pictures and stuff and I wondered if you could fix it or get the information off it?”

Sparky looked at the girl skeptically as she took the laptop. There was a dent in the back of the screen and almost all of the edges appeared to be chipped or destroyed. Sure enough, there were traces of sticky chocolate on the keys, of which there happened to be a few missing, and the screen had a large splintering crack just off center.

“Uh, wow, okay,” she said, walking over to where she had set her own bag by a work bench and grabbed a chair. She very much doubted that all of this damage had occurred naturally, but then again, she’d seen weirder shit happen to people’s computers, so she didn’t really question it too much. “Yeah, I don’t think I could get this working properly again, but I can definitely get the stuff off the hard drive if it isn’t damaged,” she said, placing the laptop face down on the work bench and sitting down.

Grabbing a small screwdriver from her toolkit in her laptop case, she went to work unscrewing all of the tiny screws that held the panels of the laptop in place. Luckily it was a higher end laptop, one of the Avagadro’s MagicPro series, so all of it was pretty easy to disassemble, unlike some of the more cheaply made laptops that were one giant hunk that needed a machine to disassemble.

“The battery’s cooked,” Sparky said, pulling each of the pieces out to see if there was anything she could salvage. “Processor looks like it might be fine, and the hard drive looks like it might be-” she cut off as she felt slippery water around it in the motherboard.

She sighed and continued unscrewing everything and drying them off with a rag. She finally pried the hard drive out. It was slightly damp, but not completely fucked. “I’ll plug it into my computer and see if I can get anything off of it.”

Aelita was hovering over her shoulder as she reached down and grabbed her laptop and fished around in her bag to find a port to plug the drive into. “I’m just glad Avagadro makes their hard drives with a universal port or you’d have to take it somewhere with an actual place to plug in the hard drive,” she explained as she pulled the port and its cord out. “Or you know, find someone who also has an expensive ass laptop,” she said dryly. Not that it would be too hard at the Academy, she knew some of the Gardner’s had some of the lower models. Rather it would be the problem of convincing someone to let her disassemble their expensive laptop and try to connect a hard drive that might be fried into it.

She opened her laptop and began booting it up, sitting back in her chair as she worked, her leg bouncing up and down as she waited. She turned her head to see Aelita observing her, rather than looking worried about her laptop. The nymph grinned slightly, wondering if it was possible that the swan had sought her out on purpose. There was plenty others she could have brought her computer to, especially the head of the technology department at the Academy, Professor Gatei.

She leaned back forward, wondering why the seventh year would find any interest in her. Her hair was tied up in a knotted braid and she was covered in grease and she didn’t wear makeup or nail polish or nice clothes. The computer was done loading the hard drive and she opened it and began sorting through its contents.

“Well, it looks like everything’s here,” she said, surprised that that the hard drive had survived whatever it was the swan maiden had put it through. Poor machine. “You’re going to want to buy an external hard drive so I can put the information you want on it while you wait to get a new computer,” she said, trailing off.

“Or,” she offered after a pause, turning back to look at the swan maiden, “I guess I could just store the files on my computer and you could come back and get them once you have your new computer.” There, she offered her services and she expected refusal, for the swan to tell her that it was fine and that she’d head into town and buy something to put the information on, but she didn’t.

“Would you?” Aelita asked excitedly, “That’d be so awesome of you,” she gushed, throwing her hands around Sparky and pulling her in for a tight hug.

Sparky made a noise of surprise, but didn’t pull away and didn’t fight to break free. “No problem, it’s not that much stuff,” she said as the swan released her. “I’ll just put it in a folder on my desktop and get it back to you when you’re ready.”

“Cool, very cool,” Aelita said quickly, nodding her head in agreement. “Hey, I like, know nothing about computers, my sister picked this one out the last time, do you think you could tell me which ones are good ones to get and stuff? You know, customize it and stuff?”

Sparky paused, her eyebrows raising. “Well, the one you had was pretty good, it was one of the top models the last two years and was still pretty up to date speed and memory wise,” she explained, but the swan was stepping closer to her, their arms almost touching and the nymph shrugged, “But, yeah, sure, especially if you’re ordering it online, it’ll be easy to compare stuff.”

“Thanks so much, Sparky, you’re so helpful,” Aelita gushed.

“It’s alright,” Sparky said, smiling. She still didn’t really understand why Aelita Rede, of all people, was flirting with her, but it wasn’t like she disliked her. “Is there anything else you need?” Sparky asked, realizing some of the University students were starting to stare in the pair’s direction.

“Er, no, I guess not,” Aelita said, trailing off.

Sparky waited a moment and then stood up, “It looks like it’s starting to snow again, do, uh, do you want me to walk you back to the Eagle House?” She asked hesitantly.

“Yes! I mean, yes, that would be nice,” Aelita said excitedly, nodding her head quickly. “Um, I don’t really need that stuff,” she said, gesturing to the parts on the workbench as Sparky closed her laptop and shoved it and the hard drive into her bag. “You can keep anything that’s still working, you know.”

“Are you sure?” Sparky asked, looking at her, and then the parts, “Some of that stuff is worth- well, a bit of money.”

“Yeah, I mean, I don’t know anything about computers, so I can’t use it,” Aelita said, “It’s all yours. It’s a thank you for helping me.”

“Okay, thanks,” Sparky said, grabbing the rest of the still functioning parts and shoving them into her bag as well. “Come on, I can finish up the rest of this stuff in the morning,” she said, gesturing to the car she had been working on.

Found in the Ashes

Monday, 06/10/2250 – By Kayla Salmon.


As the helicopter landed in a field a half mile from where the fire raged, Max raised an arm and looked through the darkness to the forest line. The only reason the Spooks had been called was because one of the local units had sensed an insane amount of energy coming from it, so it was unlikely that it was just an average forest fire. She’d been working with the Spooks since it was decided her and Levi would join the staff at Strongwind Academy that fall, and she hadn’t seen the point in heading back to Atlas when she could help out the not-so-secret-anymore government agency.

“We got confirmation of two bodies found by the local unit at the edge of the fire,” Crimsonfang called over the noise of the helicopter as he slipped on a helmet and an oxygen mask. “Take the lead, I’ll look for stragglers,” he commanded, even though Max wasn’t technically one of the Spooks, but she nodded and hopped to the ground and began her way toward\ the fire. Uriel was oddly quiet in the back of her head, probably sensing the need for concentration just then as she used her magic to force a wall of fire to part.

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Lost in the Snow

Thursday, 12/19/2250 – By Kayla Salmon.

Max rubbed at her temple as she left the Primary Building. A low key headache was present about ninety-five percent of the time, as a result of the voice that thrummed through her head occasionally. She blamed it on Uriel.

You always blame it on me, the angel hummed in the back of her head and Max tried to tune them out. It was a long story as to how she, Max, the personality in control of their angelic body, was separated from the original personality of Uriel, and she never bothered to try and explain it to anyone.

And they’d all think you quite mad, Uriel agreed readily. Max ignored them, instead pushing open the side doors and securing the bag over her shoulder. Sixth period had just ended and she trickled out with some of her students, veering away from them at the steps of the building and heading towards the staff housing. A few of her students waved farewell and she nodded in return as they headed towards their own houses. She planned to head back to the cottage her and Levi had been sharing and then lay down for a nap. Not that she needed to sleep, but there was something so comforting and very human about just curling up in bed and letting one’s mind drift to sleep.

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Haven of a Gearhead

Saturday, 12/21/2250 – By Rebecca Green.

When her precious violin has crashed to the floor a week prior, Aelita had been heartbroken to hear from Dora that it had shattered. To hear further that Rayden had gone and thrown the remains in a fire- it was likely a good thing Dora had told her, otherwise she was highly likely to go and do something incredibly stupid in retaliation. That violin meant a lot to her.

She remembered getting it. She had been sixteen and as all teen girls, she’d hit quite the growth spurt. Aelita was already five-foot nine and that final growth spurt had knocked her up another two inches, making her only just shorter than her mother. It had been a huge jump from her five-foot four thirteen year old body. It was only natural that Aelita required a new violin to accommodate her growing body. As a child she had gone through several more- perhaps a bit more than was strictly necessary, but her family was fabulously wealthy thanks to her mother’s fashion company. A generational pursuit that had begun over two hundred years earlier, and would go on to pass onto Aelita. They could afford a couple measly violins.

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Text: Jay to Crimsonfang

Sunday, 12/22/2250

Jay Gardner 8:23 AM: What do you know about Veronica Calver?
Crimsonfang 8:30 AM: So you’ve heard about the attack, then?
Jay Gardner 8:32 AM: Ross woke me up last night, school was on lockdown, apparently.
Crimsonfang 8:35 AM: She’s a hired assassin, we don’t know who or why she was a hired.
Jay Gardner 8:37 AM: Do you know if it’s just an attack on the Vanders, or is it aimed at the school?
Crimsonfang 8:40 AM: We know her motive, it’s not against the school. We fear she may return to the school, however. Extra security will be provided. Calver’s a difficult catch.
Jay Gardner 8:42 AM: Good, I’ll let Rodney know. Second question, what level of danger does Adrian Calver present remaining employed at the school? If his sister is attacking the Vanders, he may be assisting her.
Crimsonfang 8:50 AM: We don’t believe he’s involved, but we’re still considering the possibility. Can you get intel on him? Your demon may be of use. Vander is too close to the issue to get a reliable reading.
Jay Gardner 9:02 AM: Ross claims that Adrian is a love sick puppy about Vander, and Rodney has backed him. However Rodney and the rest of the staff can’t necessarily give good readings either because they’ve also developed attachments/friendships with him.
Jay Gardner 9:03 AM: I’ll have Ross keep an extra eye on him though, just in case.
Crimsonfang 9:06 AM: Alright, we’ll let you know if we learn anything more.
Jay Gardner 9:12 AM: Good luck